Advantages of Renewable Energy – From Government Incentives and Affordability to Environmental Impact

Advantages of Renewable Energy – From Government Incentives and Affordability to Environmental Impact

There are many advantages of renewable energy and with the supply of fossil fuels running low, it would be advantageous of people to look at saving them and using green energy sources instead. Governments and environmentalists alike have been warning people for years that something must be done to keep up with demand and, for whatever reason, people are looking into the various ways they can to power their electronics, cars, etc. No matter what it is, you can find some type of energy source

Fossil fuels, while commonly used, have negative impacts on the atmosphere. The first impact is global warming, which severely impacts how people and animals live. It also changes the weather patterns including droughts, heat waves and hurricanes.

Do you want to learn all about the damages global warming has on the environment? Then it’s time to check out your local library to give you a helping hand. To learn what damages global warming has, check out “An Inconvenient Truth”. Don’t forget that once you’re done with it to find out all the advantages of green energy and how you can incorporate them into your home whether you’re building from scratch or renovating your older home. It doesn’t take much to make your home energy efficient (along with cost efficient).

Again, there are several advantages of renewable energy. One of the first advantages is that the carbon footprint it leaves behind is reduced. It’s the biggest reason that people are turning to solar energy, geothermal energy and wind energy to power their homes.

Renewable energy sources can also create more jobs, which are likely to stay within the United States borders. These positions tend to offer good pay and benefits, which are what many people are looking for.

Among the above advantages of renewable energy, you also have the government providing incentive programs and tax credits to those folks who choose to use renewable energy sources. At the moment, persons who choose to use solar power in their home are available for the federal tax credits. Using these credits can give persons back up to 30 percent of the value of the solar system. Keep in mind that solar energy panels (a common form of solar systems used) can be installed on both residential and commercial properties.

Other such advantages of renewable energy include affordability.

More people would be willing to build new energy efficient homes or make upgrades to include energy efficient technology if the price was right. People who choose to use such energy sources are people who generally support green communities. “Go Green” communities work tirelessly to be environmentally conscious and do whatever it takes to improve their environment and the rest of the world too.

Bear in mind that the advantages of renewable energy can be seen in many of the green cities and can often come in the form of environmental policies. These policies are designed to help citizens be energy efficient wherever possible and assist them to reduce the amount of pollution and damage to the atmosphere. National Geographic produces a Green Guide that gives readers a great deal of information about how to be environmentally friendly. It includes green issues, advantages of green energy and lists of the top 10 green cities.

The vast number of advantages of renewable energy could take up an entire book but remember that with the advantages, there are also disadvantages. A key disadvantage is the cost of installing renewable energy sources such as solar energy panels. Since cost is such a motivating factor, only people who have a disposable $20,000 on hand can afford to outfit their home or business and take part in all the advantages of renewable energy.

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