Alternative Renewable Energy Resources – Forget The Fossil Fuel Go Green with These

Alternative Renewable Energy Resources – Forget The Fossil Fuel Go Green with These

There are all kinds of alternative renewable energy resources available for you to use.

One such resource is the sun, which can power up the Earth for 27 years. The other two possible alternative energy sources people can use geo thermal and wind energy.

If you’re looking for great alternative renewable energy resources to replace your dependency on fossil fuels, then you’ve come to right place. After all, you already know that fossil fuels will, one day, run out.

As noted above, solar energy is one of the best alternative renewable energy resources that can be used. The sun can be harnessed to generate energy (electricity and heat). Solar renewable energy utilizes the direct exchange of radiation in the form of several systems such as solar PV system, solar water purification system and solar hot water systems.

There are roughly 200,000 homes that generate electricity by way of solar power. As the ability to generate solar power in this way becomes more affordable, more people, looking to save money and lessen the amount of carbon emissions, will turn to this type of solar renewable energy source.

A second of three popular alternative renewable energy sources is wind energy, which can be used by people looking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel energy and decrease how much spending they do for energy. Like solar power, wind power has been in place for quite some time and first harnessed for electricity in the late 19th century. If wind energy was one of the popular alternative renewable energy resources in the 19th century, imagine the market for it today with more people going green.

Many people assume that the wind must blow heavily to power homes. This is a fallacy. You can actually produce it within your own yard and, best of all, it’s clean and green. If you’re looking for alternative renewable energy resources that has room to grow, wind power is what you want.

Those who live in isolated locations and get a fair amount of wind can use wind power to electrify their home. The reason for their ability to use this power is that they cannot use the electrical grid. Much like solar power, wind power is quite reliable and very dependable. Plus, the cost of using wind power is low. The system works when wind power is available and those people use wind energy but can’t get it, for whatever reason, can use battery powered systems.

You don’t have to live in some far-off place to take advantage of this power source. Small wind turbines will produce approximately 20 kilowatts of energy; more than enough energy for power inside a home.

Besides solar and wind power, there are more alternative renewable energy resources such as hydroelectricity. The problem with this and other types of alternative energy sources is that they’re not that successful and can only be used a certain amount of places. Hydroelectricity will need dams with high pressure water flow to generate energy. Right now, only 10 percent of the world’s energy is produced by hydroelectricity. There are several of these available but they’re generally out west.

If you’re interested in using water to power the electronics in your home, you can use hydropower generators, placing them near your backyard streams and rivers.

These are just some of the many alternative renewable energy resources you can use to power your home and your life.

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