Build Your Own Solar Panels – Save Money And Do It Yourself

Build Your Own Solar Panels – Save Money And Do It Yourself

Have you ever thought about taking advantage of the sun to power your home and build your own solar panels? If you want to keep your electrical bill in check then you should know all the steps that will help you build your own.

Helpful Tips To Build Your Own Solar Panels

Look to the Internet for specials on materials. With the help of the web, you can save a ton of money on construction costs. After all, there are tons of suppliers who can help you to make your own solar panel with what they have to offer. They can also give you advice and plans on how to assemble the panels.

Tools – The tools you need to make homemade solar panels you probably already have such as a hammer, knife, saw, screwdrivers and soldering iron.

Materials – The list for materials is a bit longer but the majority of people have the timber to make the frame that will keep the panels mounted to the roof. They may also have the screws and wood panels.

Be sure you buy some photo-voltaic cells (get them pre-tabbed) and use the tab wiring to attach them together. You’ll also need eva glue, plastic sheeting, solder and flux and blocking diodes. The plastic sheeting will be used to cover the housing lid while the blocking diodes will halt the current reversal. Once you have all this, you can begin the project.

Where To Place Panels – The second ‘how to build your own solar panels‘ step is to make decisions on where you’ll place your homemade solar panels. You want to make sure it’s not in a shady area or where natural pests can easily get to them. Consider using a slope of 30 degrees since it will allow the wiring to easily conduct into the area you plan to store the batteries.

How To Make Your Own Panel – Before you dive right into making your panels, you want to have one weekend devoted to it. Be sure you clean the workshop floor space of dirt and dust. The entire process is basically an assembly project once you have the cells attached to the backing board usually in rows of six by six (6×6).

Be sure to attach the wire to the cell tables and add in the blocking diodes and cables so that it’s connected to the storage battery. Now, cover it with the plastic lid. Once this is done, seal it with silicone grouting.

Make sure you install insulation to the back of the house before you mount your homemade solar panels. Be sure the housing of the solar unit is painted black but leave the lid unpainted.

When you build your own solar panels, you can construct it all your own. However, you should really have another person helping you to install it. It’s not only heavy but also difficult and awkward when trying to work up high with.

Sometimes trying to build your own solar panels can be a bit much. Thus, consider the purchase of a kit or an entire unit. The first thing you do before you purchase anything is research and find people who have already done what you’re thinking about.

This whole make your own solar panel project should be a fun thing to do. Just remember though that to get the best use out of it and save money in the long run, you should really do research on how to build your own solar panels.

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