Homemade Solar Panels – Go Green and Save Some Green

Homemade Solar Panels – Go Green and Save Some Green

In the last 20 to 30 years, more people have learned that harnessing the sun’s energy is one big way to save their environment, and because of it, they’ve learned how to make homemade solar panels to power their homes and heat their water. Are you ready to join in on the “Go Green Movement” that so many other people have taken advantage of?

When you decide to create your own homemade solar panels

The joy of it is that you can learn how to maintain and repair them should damage occur. When solar power is widely available in remote areas, this is a huge advantage of knowledge to have. Homemade solar panels weigh little, making them easy to transport (make sure you separate the batteries when you’re doing this). You also don’t need special equipment or knowledge to mount the panels.

How To Get DIY Solar Energy Into Your Home – Steps To Help You Become Energy Efficient

If you want quick and easy with no fuss installation, you can always find someone to do it for you. However, if you’re looking to save some “green” while trying to “go green” then consider giving homemade solar panels a go. Be aware there are some dangers you should avoid.

Getting a hold of the materials you need is fairly easy but if you’re a newbie with diy solar energy projects then you may get confused by the range of cells. If you want to go with cheap and easy, you’ll want the photovoltaic cells but avoid ones that are wax dipped or grade B, as these won’t give you the output you need or want. Some Chinese diy solar energy materials are substandard and not reliable.

Remember that you need a dry, dust free spot to assemble your homemade solar panels. You’ll need the following tools including hammer, paintbrush, saw, screwdrivers and soldering iron. You’ll also need timber to make the frames so that you can mount the panels to the roof. You’ll also need wood panels and screens to design the cells’ housing. You’ll need black paint as well to construct the homemade solar panels.

Be sure you have your photovoltaic cells and tab wiring, making sure to affix them. If you want the project to go faster, use pre-tabbed cells.

You’ll also need eva glue, plastic sheeting to go over the lid, solder and flux and blocking diodes to halt the present reversal. Now you can really begin your project.

Design the outer housing and use the silicone filler to seal it. Next, lay the cells on the backing board, gluing them in a six by six (6×6) display; tabs need to be facing upward. Attach the tabs in series using solder and tab wiring. Make sure to add in the diodes.

Make sure you place the panel inside the house, cover and seal using the plastic cover fabric Once you do this, it’s ready to be affixed to the roof frame. Make sure you’ve painted it black so that energy absorption will occur. So long as you do it right, homemade solar panels will look like the professional installed panels. Plus output will vary just faintly.

Make sure you get an energy audit to determine what energy saving practices you can do now before any homemade solar panels installation is done.

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