Making Solar Panels – Become Self-Sufficient With Your Home’s Power

Making Solar Panels – Become Self-Sufficient With Your Home’s Power

Making solar panels isn’t hard to do. You don’t need a degree in engineering; all you need is an interest in saving “green” and joining the eco-friendly movement that so many people have taken an interest in themselves. Within in days, you can see the investment pay off.

What is a solar panel? It’s basically a series of linked cells that generate a current that’s able to be store energy and release it as electrical energy. You can build these cells from scratch but you should check the Internet and see what the auction sites or extra stock websites have for you to choose from.

The Pros and Cons Of Making Solar Panels

When you’re looking for solar energy panels, what you’re going to find is the prices and quality can drastically vary from each other. The average price for a solar cell is $1.20; however, Chinese solar panel cells have been besieged by an array of quality and supply issues.

Materials Needed For Making Solar Panels

There is an array of solar panel types; however, the majority of homeowners like yourself will start making solar panel with photovoltaic cells, crystalline units or amorphous silicon. Steer clear of panels that have been dipped in wax; these are trickier to work with and can be less efficient than other models. Keep in mind that panels and solar cells are not the only things you need to make solar energy at home. However, you can obtain these much-needed materials from the same supplier that way you can get your project off the ground.

There are several easy to obtain items you need to build your own solar cell panel. They include: blocking diodes, eva glue, flux pens, housing boxes, ribbon wire, solder, tabbing wire and waterproof encapsulators. Once you’ve got all the materials on hand, it’ll take a few hours to construct with the tools you already have in your workshop. Of course, if you want to get the task done quicker, then you can go with a readymade solar panel.

How To Make Solar Panels At Home

You begin making the solar panels by laying out the cells in a six by six line, gluing them to backing board. Once this is done, you’ll need to solder the tabbing wire in a series to link the cells to the blocking diodes. This stops any possibility of electricity going back from the storage battery in the overnight hours when the cells are inactive.

Now, set it up in a box that’s well insulated on the reverse side and cover the top using a clear plastic lid that’s also waterproof. You will need to add in some silicone grouting so that the entire unit is waterproofed. Finally, all you need to do is link the wiring to the storage battery. The majority of people will use a 12-volt battery unit, as it’s easy to store and quite effective.

As you see, making solar panels is an easy task. You can purchase kit sets that come available with instructions. They’re also videos on making the panels. These systems have been around for years but new technology and advancements have caused an explosion of solar power units to be inexpensive and operational.

No longer do you have to worry with reliability issues, as these new units can work in the most remote places in the world and even in outer space. Another big benefit to making solar energy panels is the skills learned can be applied to when you need to do maintenance on them (although this will occur sporadically).

The biggest benefit of all is the reduction that you’ll see in your utility bill or the ability to still have power when your utility company’s power is affected for whatever reason. It’s not unheard of, that over time, you may get to the point where you can let go of your utility company. No doubt making solar panels means taking in the ultimate green energy resource since the sun is likely to stay shining for many years more to come.

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