How to angle solar panels for greater output


How to angle solar panels for greater output

Depending on your positions on the globe, your solar panels have an angle for maximum efficiency. If you were wondering how to angle solar panels for greater output, you will find all the important information below. Mainly there are three factors you need to consider: your latitude, your hemisphere and the season.

Latitude is important because the distance in degrees to the Equator will define the reference angle you will face your panel to the Sun.

The hemisphere also tells you where to aim. If you are in the Northern hemisphere, you must aim true South and if you are is the Southern hemisphere, you should aim true North. True North and true South are not the same as magnetic North and magnetic South. A compass will show you the magnetic poles and after that you must adjust the difference. This difference varies from place to place and you must find the magnetic declination for your location.

Seasons tell you how to adjust the angle throughout the year. There is a 30 degrees angle, 15 degrees on each side, having your latitude as center that needs to be adjusted 4 times a year for maximum performance.

There are two formulas you can consider when you set the angles depending the season. First formula is the most common one and regards the angle of the Sun during seasons, how it is higher on the sky in summer and lower at winter. This formula says that you should tilt your panel at your latitude plus 15 degrees in winter and your latitude minus 15 degrees in summer. In spring and autumn the tilt should stay at your latitude, without adjustments. Second formula claims to be 4% more efficient. It says that for winter the optimal angle is your latitude multiplied by 0.89 plus 24 degrees, for spring and autumn is your latitude multiplied by 0.98 minus 2.3 degrees and for summer is your latitude multiplied by 0.92 minus 24.3 degrees.

There are choices you need make, but now you know how to angle solar panels for greater output. You should now be able to get the most out of your energy investment.

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