Why use wind turbines?


Why use wind turbines?

Renewable sources of energy have been in existence for quite some time. However, the focus on them has risen drastically in this century. This is owing to the fact that traditional non-renewable sources of energy are fast disappearing and we are left with very few amounts to power the earth for the future. Research in renewable energy is on on intensively and much improvements have come up. Some renewable sources of energy are the sun, water, wind, tidal waves of the sea, bio-waste among others. These resources are naturally available and are non-depleting. The sun is the single largest source of energy for the whole planet. Next is air or wind.

Generating electricity from the wind has been in use in small applications as early as 200B.C. in Persia. However, it was not popular until the beginning of this century that wind turbines could be a source of electric power on large scale.  Wind turbines are used to tap the energy from the wind and convert it into electricity by wind turbine generators.

Wind availability depends on seasons and also the geographic location of the turbine. Hence, many wind turbines are installed in a place with maximum wind availability. This constitutes a wind farm. A wind farm could typically consist of hundreds of wind turbines installed to produce large scale electric power. This is installed by the government or by private power producers.

On a smaller scale, wind turbines could be built in individual homes with smaller capacities. This would be feasible based on geographic location. If your wind turbine is located in windy areas, you could get good amount of power say, to power your water heater. However, if wind is not available during certain months, you could end up with little or no power. This uncertainty is the biggest disadvantage weighing the prospects of using wind power down.

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