Going green in 2011


Going green in 2011

If you consider going green in 2011 you should follow these tips and choose what fits best for you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big change in your life, instead you should realize that, however small, a change for the environment is a change for you, for your future, for the generations to come.

Composting is a thing to consider. Compost can be used to increase soil quality and can reduce waste to up to 25 percent.

Recycling is both beneficial and convenient. Paper, plastic, metal, electronics… all can be recycled and by doing so you will reduce the consumption of resources, energy use and landfill space.

Stop using plastic, get rid of it and switch to reusable anytime it is possible. This is a way to save some money and protect the environment from the toxic effects of plastics.

If you have the space and also the time to get involved, you should consider planting a garden. This way you can produce nutritious, healthy food for you and your close ones.

When you need a new electronic equipment, make sure to buy one that is as energy efficient as possible. Upgrading your current electronics to newer and more energy efficient pieces is also a thing to consider, but if you cannot afford this, make sure to unplug these whenever you are not using them.

If you really care about your health and wish to support local farmers, stop buying food that had to travel thousands of miles to get to your local supermarket. Getting your food from farmers will ensure a fresh, delicious, healthy diet. No more thousands of food miles!

Buy used or borrow your music, movies or books from the local library to save money and also to cut down the ink and paper needed to create new items.

These are some of the things you should do if you are thinking you should be going green in 2011. No change is easy, but you should consider the greater good in making a decision like this.

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